Monday Night Madness
Date: July 9th, 2007
Episode #: 1
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Location: United Center, Chicago, IL
RP Deadline: July 9th @ 12:01 AM ET


Madness Segment

The Madness music begins to play and pyros shoot off all over the United Center in Chicago. The crowd goes crazy, and are eagerly anticipating the start of Monday Night Madness. With a jam packed card ahead, the sold out crowd are blowing the roof off the place. Finally once the smoke settles and the Madness music stops playing. Suddenly MEFW President/CEO Eric Bischoff's music hits. Bischoff walks out to a standing ovation. He gets into the ring, and gets a microphone. When the crowd settles down, he starts speaking.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, thank you for that wonderful ovation. It really means a lot to me. Main Event Fantasy Wrestlign has been through a lot through the years. There have been great memorable moments, and not so good moments. We've seen champions, and hall of famers wrestle in this very ring. Memorable moments galore in the MEFW ring. However, what is done is done. This is a new era! And we have a great night of action tonight. But I am here to announce a change to the Main Event. Previously we has the Gauntlet For the Gold Match. However, the roster isn't valuing the title. Except for three. So the Main Event will be a three way elimination match between Scorpion, Raven and Owen Hart. Winner will be MEFW Champion. The runner up will be crowned TV Champion. And the first man eliminated will be #1 contender to the TV title. So without further adieu, lets get this show started!


Match 1
Fearless One
Match Type: Singles
Stipulation: None

Match Results

Eric Bischoff exits the ring and Enemy by Godsmack begins to play. The crowd awaits Fearless One's entrance, but he is nowhere to be seen. Serotonin's music plays instead and a beaten and bloody Fearless One is being dragged out by all three members of Serotonin. They roll the Fearless One into the ring and Martyr follows. The bell rings.

Martyr covers Fearless One. 1...2...3!

Following the match, Havok and Kaz join Martyr with kendo sticks in hand. They beat down Fearless One in the middle of the ring, until referees from the back try to break it up. Serotonin contiunes their beating and even tries fighting off the refs. This prompts Eric Bischoff to appear on the big screen.

Eric Bischoff: ENOUGH!!! STOP RIGHT THERE! Hit another MEFW employee and all three of you will be removed from the building

As soon as Bischoff says that, all three men deliver hard kendo stick shots to various MEFW referees.

Eric Bischoff: Fine don't take me seriously. I warned you. SECURITY!!!

Security storms the ring and eventually overwhelms Serotonin. They are dragged to the back and excorted out of the building.

Winner: Martyr



Match 2
AJ Styles
Owen Hart
Match Type: Singles
Stipulation: None

Match Results

I Am by Dale Oliver hits and The Phenomenal AJ Styles appears on the entrance way underneath his hood. He slowly makes his way down the aisle drawing a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd..most of the cheers courtesy of the ladies in attendance. When AJ gets into the ring, he lefts his hood and throws his arms out in one swift motion. Next Owen Hart's music plays and he walks out to a loud chorus of boos and nugget chants. Owen flips off the crowd a few time and makes his way into the ring. Once there he gets face to face with AJ Styles. Owen takes off his sun glasses and throws them at AJ's feet, and spits on them. AJ shoves Owen and Owen clubs him with a forearm. The bell rings and the match is under way.

Both men circle eachother reaching their arms out trying to get a feel for the other man. As they measure eachother up, AJ goes to grab Hart first, but Owen takes a step back to avoid it. They finally lock up and try a test of strength, and AJ is beginning to overpower Owen Hart. Owen however ends the test quickly with a kick to the midsection and a hip toss. AJ pops back up and gets another hip toss, and then another as soon as he gets up. This wont keep him down however, and Styles comes running at Owen, who again tries a hip toss, but AJ flips and lands on his feet momentarily stunning a shocked Owen Hart. Styles follows it up with a pele kick out of nowhere, one that would make Don West proud. AJ goes for a quick cover and gets a one count. AJ then takes his forearm and begins to rub it against Owen's neck slightly choking him. The referee begins his count to break it up. Once AJ does, Owen Hart hits a cheap shot low blow when the ref wasn't looking. Owen takes full advantage of this by dropping Styles with a neckbreaker. Instead of going for a traditional cover, Hart steps on AJ's chest and gets a one count before the kickout. Owen goes to whip AJ into the ropes, but Styles reverses and sends Owen hard into the corner, causing Hart to fall foward right into AJ. AJ quickly tries to set him up for the Styles Clash, but Owen escapes and goes to kick Styles. AJ catches Owen's boot, but can't avoid the other leg as Owen floors AJ with an enziguiri. Owen hits a series of elbow drops and has Styles in trouble. Hart climbs the top turnbuckle and waits for AJ to stagger to his feet. AJ is up, and Owen jumps trying to hit a missile dropkick, but at the last second AJ side steps it, runs at the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault ontop of Owen Hart. He crawls ontop of him for the cover. 1....2.....last second kick out by Owen Hart.

A frustrated Styles does a leglock choke on Owen's neck in an attempt to suck the life out of him. Owen tries to squirm away, but begins to fight less and less. The referee lifts his arm up and it drops. He does it again...and it drops. One more time and the match is over. Owen's arm goes up, and begins to fall..but he stops it and keeps it in the air. Owen manages to get to slip out and grab Styles by the leg and deliver a punishing kick to his groin. Hart picks up the other leg and does the same. Owen  then grabs both legs and flips his entire body over them, so he has Styles in a pinning combination. 1....2.....AJ escapes the pin.

At this point the crowd is errupting and loving the match. Owen grapples with AJ, who quickly reverses and has Hart grabbed from behind. Owen reverses also and gets behind AJ. Hart does a german suplex, but AJ flips out of it in mid air and lands on his feet, then quickly drops Owen on his head with a reverse DDT. AJ Styles climps the ropes and hits Owen Hart with a Spiral Tap!

He goes for the cover. 1....2........KICK OUT! Somehow, some way, Owen Hart managed to kick out. AJ is in disbelief. He picks Owen up and does a snapmare take down, putting Owen into a seated position on the mat. He then delivers a swift kick to his back, laying him down on the mat. AJ covers....and gets another two count. Owen stands up and so does AJ. Hart goes to grab AJ, but he ducks, bounces off the ropes and does a bulldog sending Owen to the ground. AJ Styles goes high risk again, but Owen manages to get up and bounce into the ropes, sitting AJ down on the turnbuckle. Owen climbs the turnbuckle and nails a superplex off the top rope. Instead of going for the pin right away Owen collapses on the mat trying to catch his breath. Owen crawls over to AJ and throws his arm over his chest. 1...2...KICK OUT! AJ Styles kicks out.

AJ gets to his feet and dropkicks Owen right in the chest. When Hart stands up he immediately sets him up for the Styles clash. But, Owen reverses it and back body drops AJ to the mat. Owen grabs Styles by the legs and sets up the sharpshooter! He locks it in and AJ struggles for something, anything to break the hold. AJ crawls and crawls and reaches the bottom rope! He grabs on! The referee demands that the hold be broken, but Owen wont let go. The referee begins to count. 1...2...3...4...5...the bell rings. Owen Hart has been disqualified. He finally breaks the hold to scream at the referee, and AJ Styles grabs his legs in pain.

Winner by Disqualification: AJ Styles



Match 3
John Cena and CM Punk
Kaz and Havok
Match Type: Tornado Tag Team
Stipulation: None

Match Results

John Cena and CM Punk are walking in the hallway preparing for their match. Eric Bischoff comes running and stops them

Eric Bischoff: Cena, Punk, glad I found you. Due to Serotonin being kicked out of the building tonight, I have no choice but to award you two the match. Congrats. And don't be discouraged about not wrestling tonight. Because next week you two will get a chance to wrestle each other in the ring. John Cena vs CM Punk. Be ready.

Winners: John Cena & CM Punk


Match 4
Match Type: Singles
Stipulation: None

Match Results

MEFW comes back from the commercial break with both Christian and Scorpion in the ring. Christian runs in circles around the ring so that Scorpion can't quite get him. The bell rings when Scorpion hits an elbow to the face of a running question, who hits the mat hard.

Christian gets up slowly and grabs onto Scorpion who tries to pull him to his feet. On his way up Christian manages to poke Scorpion in the eyes. A stunned Scorpion is dropped by a hard knee to the face, courtesy of Christian. Christian stands around and taunts the crowd. He turns his back to Scorpion. Scorpion school boys Christian, rolling him up for a 1..2...Christian reverses the roll up and has Scorpion pinned down 1...2...Christian puts his feet on the ropes...3!!! Christian steals a victory and runs out of the ring before Scorpion realizes what happened.

Winner: Christian


Madness Segment

After the commercial break, both Edge and Christian are knocked out in a pool of blood in the back. Eric Bischoff sees this and is very angry. Before he can react Owen Hart comes up to him.

Owen Hart: Bischoff, I want AJ Styles in the ring next week. I demand that you give me him

Eric Bischoff: Can't you see I'm busy here? Its our frist night back, and already I am dealing with this Serotonin nonsense, Edge and Christian knocked out for no reason, and now this. This is a REALLY bad time Owen.

Owen Hart: I don't care if this is a bad time for you. This is a very bad time for me. AJ Styles is going out there and trying to show me up. Instead of laying down and tapping out like he was supposed to he tries and steal the victory with a cheap disqualification. I need to prove once and for all that I am better than that punk.

Eric Bischoff: Owen, as much as I hate your brother and your entire family, I will do you a favor if it means that you will get out of my face. Next week you can face AJ Styles in a submission only match, knock yourselves out.

Match 5
Match Type: Singles
Stipulation: Raven's Rules

Match Results

Eric Bischoff is standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Eric Bischoff: RAVEN! Get out here, right now!

Raven's music plays and he enters through the crowd. Eventually he walks his way to the barricade and hops over it. Raven enters the ring and stands with Eric Bischoff. He spreads his arms out and then takes a microphone

Raven: Such hostility. Hostility from those in power is not a new concept, for years the rich and powerful have overstretched their boundaries in fruitless attempts to make those below them remain inferior.

Eric Bischoff: Cut the poetic crap Raven. You know damn well why I called you out here.

Raven: Please, enlighten me.

Eric Bischoff: You should be out here right now having a match with Edge. Yet I don't see Edge. You know why? Because he is in the hospital getting treated for the beating you or one of your cronies delivered to him and Christian. What do you have to say for yourself?

Raven: Are you accusing me of injuring the man I was going to beat anyway? If you are so concerned about his well being, then you should have never put him in a match with me in the first place. Don't accuse me of what you know nothing about.

Eric Bischoff: As much as I hate to admit it, you are right. Fact as I have no proof and in addition to not being able to punish you, it is also my duty to award you the match. Congrats, but keep in mind I will be keeping a VERY close eye on you.

Eric Bischoff exits the ring, and Raven celebrates to his music.

Winner: Raven


Match 6 -- Main Event
g   g
Three Way Battle for the Gold
Match Type: Triple Threat Elimination Match
Stipulation: MEFW Champion and MEFW Television Champion Will Be Crowned

Match Results

The Main Event is about to begin and the crowd is still extremely loud. Scorpion's music plays first and he steps out onto the stage. Scorpion hits the ring and awaits his opponents. Raven's music plays and the crowd errupts. Raven makes his way through the crowd and over the barricade. He goes to the ring apron and lifts it up. He pulls out a whole bunch of weapons and throws them into the ring while screaming RAVEN'S RULES! Raven hits the ring and then sits in the corner. Owen Hart is the last man out. He makes his way into the ring and immediately picks up a barbwired baseball bat, he charges at Scorpion with it, but Scorpion side steps and Owen Hart runs right into a swining chair shot from Raven. The bell rings and this melee is under way.

Scorpion picks up a pair of brass knuckles and Raven swings the chair at him, but Scorpion cancels it out with a brass knuckle punch to the chair, sending a vibration through the chair causing Raven to drop it. Raven goes to pick up his chair, but Owen Hart hits an impressive dropkick to the back of his head, dropping Raven. Owen then runs at Scorpion, jumps and hits him with a hurricarana. With both men down, Owen picks up a steel pipe and hits the downed Scorpion right in the knee. He picks up his other leg and gives him a hard kick to the groin. Then Owen slides out of the ring, grabs both of Scorpion's legs and sends him crotch first into the ring post. Owen throws his arms up in celebration, but is met by a low blow from behind by Raven who used a kendo stick to do it. Raven then takes a page out of the Sandman's book and does a russian leg sweep using the kendo stick.

Raven kicks Owen while he is down and then he picks him up. Out of nowhere Scorpion jumps from the top rope to the outside, knocking both men down with a flying double clothesline. All three men hit the floor and the crowd goes wild. After a few seconds on the ground, Scorpion is up first followed by Raven and then Owen Hart. Owen and Scorpion decide to team up against Raven and hit him with a double suplex, which they then follow up with consecutive elbow drops at the same time. Owen tries to kick Scorpion as soon as he gets up, but Scorpion catches his leg. Hart tries to hit an enzugiri, but Scorpion avoids it and throws Owen to the floor. Raven grabs Scorpion from behind and drops him with a cobraclutch slam. Raven grabs a chair from the time keeper and throws it into the ring. He gets inside the ring and opens up the chair so it is sitting in the ring. Raven waits for his opponents to get up.

Owen Hart sees Raven in the ring, and instead of approaching him, he grabs a table from underneath the ring. Owen throws it into the ring and waits. Raven quickly sets up the table and challenges Owen to come on. Owen slides in and Raven kicks him before he can get up. Raven slams Owen's head against the table and then rolls him ontop of it. Scorpion hits the ring running, he jumps onto the chair, then to the ring ropes and hits Sabu's triple jump moonsault on Owen Hart sending him through the table! Instead of pinning Owen, Scorpion bounces off the ropes to run towards Raven. Raven counters with a drop toe hold right onto the chair! Raven quickly pins Scorpion 1....2....3! Scorpion is eliminated!

Raven jumps onto Owen Hart. 1....2.....KICK OUT! Owen managed to survive. Raven is in disbelief, but he regains his composure and gets over Owen and starts to repeatedly punch him in the face. Eventually Owen is able to kick Raven off of him, sending him halfway across the ring. Owen gets up and runs off the ropes, as soon as Raven gets to his feet, he is met with a spinning heel kick from Owen Hart. Owen goes for the cover and gets a two count but nothing more. Owen tries to irish whip Raven, but Raven reverses and sends Owen off the ropes. Raven charges and hits a jumping knee, sending Owen to the outside. Raven stands facing Owen, waiting for him to get up. Out of nowhere the monster Abyss has entered the ring! Raven turns around, and looks like he just saw a ghost. Abyss hits a hard chop and then whips Raven off the ropes...BLACKHOLE SLAM ONTO THE CHAIR! Owen Hart runs into the ring and goes for the cover. 1...2....3!!! OWEN HART IS THE NEW CHAMPION!!!! Owen is handed the MEFW Title and Abyss does the honors of throwing the TV title on Raven. Abyss leaves the ring and meets James Mitchell on on the outside. They leave to the back, while Owen Hart is in tears celebrating his title win.

Eric Bischoff's music hits and the angry MEFW President/CEO storms out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. He stands next to the monster and Mitchell.

Eric Bischoff: NO...NO...NO! I am not letting my main event on my show end this way. James Mitchell, I have no idea what rock you crawled out from under, but this isn't Bret Hart's NGW. I will not allow you to ruin my show. Leave this building! Oh and Owen congrats, you are MEFW Champion. However, it doesn't count! Restart this match with Raven and Owen Hart. Ring the bell.

James Mitchell and Abyss leave to the back. The bell rings and Owen Hart is screaming at Eric Bischoff

Owen is still yelling at Bischoff. Raven gets to his feet, turns Owen around and hits a kick to the guy, followed by the evenflow DDT right onto the TV title! Raven covers Owen, 1...2...3!!! RAVEN WINS AND IS THE NEW MEFW CHAMPION!!!

Raven stands in the ring celebrating, while holding his back in pain. Owen coincidentally is laying on the title he now owns, the TV title.

Winner: Raven
MEFW TV Champion: Owen Hart
TV Title #1 Contender: Scorpion


Madness Segment

After the match, MEFW backstage reporter Michael Cole is in the parking lot trying to get a word with James Mitchell.

Michael Cole: James Mitchell, why did you have Abyss get involved in the Main Event?

James Mitchell: Michael, you simple man. Don't you know a true magician never reveals his tricks? You will have your answers in due time. But for now, lets just say Abyss has an old score to settle.

Michael Cole: An old score? Are you referring to the battle these two had in NGW?

James Mitchell: In due time Michael, in due time.

With that, the credits appear on the bottom of the screen and Madness comes to an end.


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