MEFW Presents: Summertime Heat
Date: July 29th, 2007
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Location: US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ
RP Deadline: July 29th @ 12:01 AM ET


Match 1
Alex Shelley
Match Type: Singles
Stipulation: If JTB fails to roleplay he is fired

Match Results

Alex Shelley's music plays and the Paparazzi Prince makes his way out from the back and onto the stage. He draws a chorus of boos from the crowd as he walks out holding his tripod and camera attatched to it. Shelley places the tripod at ring side and turns on the camera. He walks in front of it and fixes his hair while looking directly into the camera lense. Shelley jumps to the ring apron and then jumps over the ropes and into the ring. He awaits his opponent, JTB.

JTB's music hits and out walks Eric Bischoff, with a microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you that JTB no longer works for this company. Due to his constant no shows, he has been fired from MEFW. So with that being said, Alex Shelley, you are the winner of this match by default. Congrats, now get out of my ring so we can start the next one.

Winner: Alex Shelley


Match 2
Trevor Sells
Shawn Michaels
Match Type: Three Way Tables
Stipulation: First man to put BOTH opponents through a table wins

Match Results

DA JACKYL's music hits first and he walks out gathering almost no reaction from the crowd. He slowly makes his way into the ring and awaits his opponents.

Trevor Sells music plays next and he comes out to some cheers. He runs towards the ring, but sees DA JACKYL looking angry, so he stays on the outside and waits for the final participant in the match.

Sexy Boy plays and the crowd goes wild for the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. HBK does his signature pose on the entrance ramp and the fireworks shoot off all around him. Shawn goes running down the aisle and hits Trevor Sells with a crossbody block. He tosses him into the ring, and then slides in himself and the bell rings to start the match.

Tables are already littered throughout the ring, and DA JACKYL quickly sets up one in the corner of the ring. He grabs Trevor Sells and throws him back first into the table. He then tries to throws HBK into Sells, but HBK reverses, and DA JACKYL hits Sells, back first, not yet breaking the table. HBK quickly sets up a table in middle of the ring. Sells pushes DA JACKYL off of him, and right into SWEET CHIN MUSIC! This sends DA JACKYL right into Sells, breaking the table and eliminating Sells! HBK picks up DA JACKYL and hits a vertical suplex, through the table! DA JACKYL is eliminated, Shawn Michaels wins!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Summertime Heat Segment

After the match, MEFW backstage announcer Michael Cole grabs Shawn Michaels for a quick interview.

Michael Cole: Shawn, that was a very impressive win you had out there.

Shawn Michaels: Impressive, Michael? No, impressive isn't the word you are looking for. Try something more fitting, such as expected.

Michael Cole: Expected? What is with this new attitude Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: Call this an awakening for me Cole. I am simply going back to my roots. Today I woke up and realized, these last five years of my career have been an absolute waste of time. You know when I was most successful? When I didn't give a damn about you, the fans or the people I faced in the ring. I realized that even at this age I am STILL, the greatest wrestler to walk on god's green earth. MEFW needs me, to be at my best. And what you saw out there a few minutes ago is not my best. I let those guys survive for far too long. I should have won that match in seconds, not minutes. I guaren-damn-tee you that the next time you see me Michael, I will look better than ever. You had your time Michael, this interview is over.

Shawn Michaels walks away, leaving Michael Cole looking dumbfounded. Then out of nowhere, HBK comes back and drills Michael Cole with Sweet Chin Music.

Match 3
John Cena
Match Type: First Blood
Stipulation: None

Match Results

John Cena's music hits and the crowd goes absolutely wild. Cena starts down the aisle but is ambushed by Abyss. Abyss pounds Cena in the back and then wraps his chains around his neck choking Cena til he eventually falls to his knees. Abyss begins to drag Cena towards the ring, scrapping his face against the aisle. Abyss lifts Cena by the chains and throws him back first into the ring post. He does it again, and then again. Abyss tries one more time but Cena manages to kick Abyss in the groin dropping him to the ground. Cena manages to escape the chains and slide into the ring. Abyss joins him and the bell rings.

John Cena runs right at Abyss and is met with a hard big boot to the face, dropping Cena immediately. Abyss heads to the outside and lifts up the ring apron. He grabs a black bag of thumb tacks and tosses them into ring. He also grabs a couple of steel chairs from ringside and throws them into the ring. Abyss climbs into the ring and picks Cena up, but John Cena hits a forearm to the midsection of Abyss, stunning him long enough for Cena to get to his feet. Cena grabs Abyss' arm and hits a shoulder block, but Abyss doesn't go down. He does it again, and Abyss doesn't go down, he does one more extra hard and Abyss stumbles back into the ropes, bounces, and gets floored by a dropkick from Cena.

John Cena picks up a chair and holds it in the air letting out a yell. The crowd eats it up and gives him a standing ovation. Abyss slowly gets to his feet, and Cena smashes Abyss in the head with it, knocking the monster down. Cena immediately gets over Abyss and hits the five knuckle shuffle to his face, but no blood yet. John Cena tries it again, but before he can land the punch, Abyss grabs Cena by the neck, gets to his feet and throws him down with a throat toss. Abyss goes to the outside again, and lifts up another section of the ring apron and pulls out something. He holds it up, and it is a barbwire baseball bat! Abyss enters the ring and waits for Cena to get to his feet. Cena tries to get to his feet, and falls into the corner. As he gets to his feet in the corner, Abyss swings the bat, but Cena somehow avoids it. The bat strikes the corner and it causes Abyss to drop it. When Abyss turns around, Cena grabs Abyss and hits an FU onto the steel chair that was on the canvas.

Cena gets a sadistic looking smile on his face, when he sees the black bag of thumb tacks. Cena opens the bag and pours them all over the ring. Cena stalks Abyss and waits for him to get up. When he does Cena goes to grab Abyss, but instead whips him off the ropes. Abyss catches him, throws him straight up in the air for a flapjack and Cena slams down, face first into the tacks! The tacks cover his face, neck and chest. Cena stands up covered in tacks. He goes to spit at Abyss, but spits out blood, prompting the referee to ring the bell. Abyss is the winner.

Winner: Abyss


Match 4
Emo Kid
Owen Hart
Match Type: Elevation X
Title: MEFW Television
Stipulation: The only way to lose is to fall off of the scaffolding

Match Results

The three men come out to their respective entrances and slowly climb the impressive structure known as Elevation X. The bell rings and the three men look at eachother form opposite sides of the X.

Emo Kid runs directly at Owen Hart, and gets a drop toe hold right onto the center of the X shaped scaffolding. Scorpion comes in and tries to kick Owen, but Owen catches it and then hits an enzigiri. Owen grabs Scorpion by the legs and delivers a hard kick to the hamstring. Emo Kid grabs Owen, and tries to piledriver him, but Owen flips him over with a back body drop.

Scorpion and Emo Kid get to their feet at the same time. They both agree to go for Owen Hart. Emo Kid goes first, and moves towards Owen Hart. Scorpion instead grabs him from behind and delivers an atomic drop, and then Owen Hart does a hip toss, sending Emo Kid flying off of Elevation X, to the outside, eliminating him.

This leaves only Owen and Scorpion. Scorpion runs at Owen and hits a spinning heel kick directly to Owen's head, sending him down. Scoprion continues his assault by kicking Owen while he is down. Eventually, Owen grabs Scoprion's foot and throws him down. Owen takes Scorpion and tries to lock him in the sharpsooter, but Scorpion is able to kick Owen away. Hart, almost falls off the structure, but regains his balance and turns around. He is met with a rock bottom from Scorpion, that shook the entire structure. Scorpion picks Owen up and grabs him by the waist, setting him up for what looks like an overhead belly to belly suplex. Owen hits Scorpion with an elbow to the top of the head, and then a knee to the groin. Owen takes a few steps back, runs and hits a spinning heel kick right in Scorpion's head, knocking him off the structure and to the floor! Owen Hart retains!

Winner: Owen Hart

Summertime Heat Segment

Before the Main Event, MEFW Backstage Interviewer, Michael Cole is back again for another interview. Cole has a black eye from his earlier encounter with Shawn Michaels. His guest this time is MEFW Champion Raven.

Michael Cole: Raven, tonight you defend your title against AJ Styles. What are your thoughts for this match?

Raven: Cole, you do not want to know what my thoughts are. They are far too dark, sick, twisted and demented for you to fathom. My thoughts are much like those nightmares I used to have as a child. They involved, pain, suffering, torment and a lot of crying. Tonight, I defend my title against AJ Styles. As I said before, I will not underestimate him, no matter how undeserving he is. For it is written, so it shall come to pass...quote the Raven...nevermore.

Raven walks away and gets ready for his match.

Main Event
AJ Styles
Match Type: Hell in a Cell
Title: MEFW
Stipulation: Defeat your opponent by any means necessary

Match Results

AJ Styles music plays but he never comes out. A camera goes to the back and shows AJ Styles a bloody mess. Eric Bischoff is standing over AJ Styles, completely distraught.

Eric Bischoff: I can't believe this is happening again! First Edge, now AJ Styles! Who keeps doing this! If whoever did this is watching, I promise you I will find out who you are! Mark my words, once I find you, YOU WILL BE FIRED!!! YOU HEAR ME? FIRED!!!!!

Summertime Heat goes off the air on a disappointing note as Eric Bischoff is furious.

Winner: Raven

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