The legacy of Main Event Fantasy Wrestling began back in November of 1998. On one cool, dark and dreary day two men had a dream, a dream to take the e-wrestling world by storm. Those two men were Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon. Eric and Vince's dream was to create a federation that would become the greatest on the net. Their simple dream was to be the greatest icon in e-wrestling. Eric and Vince's vision began with a cheaply designed website with a really catchy name. That name was Main Event Fantasy Wrestling. After the home of MEFW was constructed everything was set except for a roster. MEFW searched long and far for some of the greatest talent the e-wrestling world has ever seen. What Eric and Vince found where three forgotten legends, Shotgun Shawn Williams, "The Corporate Champion" The Rock and The Crippler Chris Benoit. All three men held the MEFW World Title, with Shotgun and Benoit doing it on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately creative differences caused Vince and Eric to go their separate ways. But anybody who remembers the early days of MEFW can never forgot the epic feud between Benoit and Shotgun Shawn Williams. Although their matches were memorable nobody can forget how the manipulative Eric Bischoff managed to shock the world by taking the Intercontinental Champion The Rock and the then Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and forming the first version of the Corporation. A small but very powerful group they were took MEFW by storm. Team Corporate eliminated the likes of the Giant, Curt Henning and Buff Bagwell in a very short about of time. But the biggest thorn in the side of the Corporation was Southern Pride a group consisting of Shotgun Shawn Williams, Rebel and Diamond Dallas Page. These men battled and battled until the eventual break up of the Corporation. This is where Chris Benoit turned on the group in an attempt to regain the Heavyweight Title on his own terms. In the final show before the next ground shaking event in MEFW's storied history, Chris Benoit defended his heavyweight title one last time against none other than Shotgun Shawn Williams. In this classic battle Shotgun managed to grab the win in a grueling battle. Both men took each other to the limit but Shotgun took the title when all was said and done.

The next major happening in MEFW's history was the merger of MEFW and WCFW. This was major news, as it seemed Eric Bischoff had sold out. But this was not the case as the merger was just a way to get more and better talent than before. A few short weeks after the merger MEFW opened again in a new location with a new and improved look. This was the start of the best year in the history of MEFW, 1999. The most successful year came from this point on. In a few short months MEFW had expanded big time taking talent from many different federations around the world. 1999 was also the birth of a rival faction that threatened to stop MEFW in their tracks, it was the birth of ECW!!!!

The Extreme Championship Wrestling faction started when then MEFW Hardcore Champion Taz got fed up with how he was being treated by Main Event Fantasy Wrestling. Taz gathered his friends Rob Van Dam and his tag team partner Sabu and formed a deadly alliance, Extreme Champion Wrestling. ECW had a few key players from the MEFW roster and refused to back down to anybody. Taz, Van Dam and Sabu quickly became popular with the likes of the Dudleys, the Sandman and others. ECW took MEFW competitors to the Extreme. In the process they kept the Hardcore Championship, captured the TV Title, Extreme Tag Team Titles and the biggest prize of them all the Heavyweight Title. Team ECW eventually even took the commissionership of MEFW with Rob Van Dam assuming the role of commissioner. This only meant trouble for Eric Bischoff who was having a hard enough time looking for anybody who would fight on his side to stop ECW. Van Dam did everything in his power to help ECW take over MEFW, and for one brief shining moment Taz and Van Dam turned the company into MEFW/ECW. The tension between ECW's Taz and MEFW's boss Eric Bischoff became high and resulted in a Hardcore Title match at a pay per view, courtesy of Commissioner Van Dam. Although it seemed like this was the end of MEFW and Eric Bischoff, Eric used a lead pipe (which is believed to be in a glass case in Eric Bischoff's office to this day) on the back of Taz's head which saved the day for EZE. Bischoff won the match, the Hardcore Championship, and this was the beginning of the end of the ECW faction. With ECW running out of steam arguments between Taz and Van Dam started which ended with RVD leaving the group and an eventual break up of the rest, leaving Dreamer, Taz and Van Dam as the only members to have success afterwards. Van Dam went on to be a three time Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion and two time Hardcore and TV Champion. Taz went on to be a Hardcore and Television Champion and also the Heavyweight Championship. Dreamer grabbed a tag team title run and two hardcore titles. All three men ended up in the MEFW Hall of Fame.

During the whole ECW vs MEFW conflict one man, one big man went virtually unnoticed through the ranks of MEFW. This man was the Big Show. The Big Show entered the company and destroyed all MEFW and even ECW competition that got in his way. Show became the fastest man to win the Heavyweight Title capturing it only weeks after his debut, a record which has yet to be broken. This was the beginning of an illustrious career for the big man. Show relinquished his title to claim other belts which he did taking the Hardcore, Tag Team, TV, and US belts along with another Heavyweight Title reign in his career.

Another Hall of Famer that came up during the time of the ECW and MEFW feud was Chris Kanyon. Not many wrestlers can say that they went from a near jobber to World Champion, but this certainly applies to Chris Kanyon. Kanyon took many beatings and defeats early in his career. He looked so bad that Bischoff threatened to have him fired. Kanyon responded to this by picking up his game and went on to form one of the most successful groups of all time -- Sex and Violence. Kanyon was also the man behind the group that formed out of SAV, the Triad. Kanyon went on to hold each title in MEFW history. If it wasn't for the early defeats Kanyon could have easily been the greatest MEFW wrestler of all time.

Another man who came out of nowhere to have a successful career was Raven. Raven was a true fighter and no matter how many times he went down he kept getting back up and winning in the process. Raven was another one of the great champions in MEFW. He was only upstaged as Heavyweight Champion by Buff Bagwell. Sadly injuries cut this man's career short as he certainly could have done even more than his previous accomplishments.

Toughness, attitude, a hall of fame tag team partner and one very big mentor, these words can only describe one man, Diamond Dallas Page. DDP had all of the qualities to be a star. He took advantage of them as he became a champion on more than one occasion. DDP broke into MEFW as a partner to the already proven champion the Big Show. Show and Page had an on and off relationship. They couldn't get it together as a tag team so they argued and fought about it until they settled it in a cage with tables in it. Unfortunately for DDP the big man took charge and chokeslammed Page off the cage through the tables which definately served as one heck of a highlight. DDP came back from that and teamed with Chris Kanyon  to form one of the most dominating tag teams in the history of MEFW. Page and Kanyon were multiple time tag team champions and both earned a spot in the Hall of Fame for their singles careers

Undefeated.....four time heavyweight champion....this can only be one man, Buff Bagwell. Bagwell is the only man to ever have a successful career as a wrestler and stay unbeatten in doing so. Bagwell along with Kanyon was inducted into the first class of the Hall of Fame.

With all of the past gone, the new generation of MEFW hopes to take the world by storm and become the greatest federation the world has seen.

The new era of MEFW began with a bang. This time around superstars from other companies such as Next generation Wrestling have followed Eric Bischoff to Main Event Fantasy Wrestling. In the first event of the new era, Madness, Raven managed to fight off accusations of his involvement in the injuries of Edge and Christian and a blast from his past...Abyss to win the MEFW Title.


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