Past Meets Present


Back in their Next Generation Wrestling days Raven went to war against Abyss, James Mitchell's monster and the muscle of his New Chruch faction. Raven and Abyss fought a bloddy war, but in the end Raven was victorious and managed to remove Abyss from NGW and from his life forever---so he thought. Last Monday on Madness Abyss made his shocking debut in MEFW by temporarily costing Raven the MEFW Title with a devestating Blackhole Slam onto a chair. Thanks to Eric Bischoff, Raven was able to still win the MEFW Title. However, Raven is out for revenge and he looks to settle the score this week on a special Tuesday Night Edition of Madness. On Madness, Raven will meet Abyss on his own terms, in a Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. This brutal war is only the beginning of another great Madness card. Check out the full Madness card here.



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MEFW Champions
Owen Hart
Tag Team


Superstar Spotlight

Each week a different Main Event Fantasy Wrestling Superstar will be profiled in this spot.

This week's superstar is AJ Styles

AJ Styles is Phenomenal. Everyone knows that, except for Owen Hart. AJ Styles took Owent Hart to the limit at Madness. However the bad blood between these two is not over yet. How will this all come to an end? Read more about AJ Styles here.






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