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Things Begin to Heat Up - Posted 7/13/07


Madness came and went, and that leaves us with the final event of the month of July -- Summertime Heat. On July 29th, MEFW will present Summertime Heat. This Pay Per View event will feature The Phenomenal AJ Styles going up against Raven in a Hell In A Cell match for the MEFW Championship. There is no entry and no escape from this massive steel structure. Also on the card Owen Hart, Scorpion and Emo Kid battle it out for the TV Title in Elevation X. The rest of the matches will be announces during the course of the week. Check out the Summertime Heat Preview here.

Past Meets Present - Posted 7/13/07


Back in their Next Generation Wrestling days Raven went to war against Abyss, James Mitchell's monster and the muscle of his New Chruch faction. Raven and Abyss fought a bloddy war, but in the end Raven was victorious and managed to remove Abyss from NGW and from his life forever---so he thought. Last Monday on Madness Abyss made his shocking debut in MEFW by temporarily costing Raven the MEFW Title with a devestating Blackhole Slam onto a chair. Thanks to Eric Bischoff, Raven was able to still win the MEFW Title. However, Raven is out for revenge and he looks to settle the score this week on a special Tuesday Night Edition of Madness. On Madness, Raven will meet Abyss on his own terms, in a Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. This brutal war is only the beginning of another great Madness card. Check out the full Madness card here.

Quote the Raven...Nevermore - Posted 7/2/07


The night of champions ended up being a little different than anticipated. The Gauntlet For the Gold was replaced by a three way elimination match featuring Scorpion, Raven and Owen Hart. It was surely a wild night for Raven, who had to battle accusations against him and a blast from his past to claim his first MEFW Championship. After the hell Raven went through at Madness his title win was well deserved. Check out the full Madness results here.

Gauntlet for the Gold - Posted 7/2/07


As a historic event in Main Event Fantasy Wrestling, two champions are guarenteed to be crowned on live TV. For the first edition of Monday Night Madness, MEFW offers a jampacked night of action and star power. And did we mention, TWO CHAMPIONS BEING CROWNED? The Monday Night Madness Main Event will feature every MEFW superstar on the roster vying for a chance to capture the MEFW Title in a reverse battle royal, also known as the Gauntlet For The Gold. In order to qualify for a chance to win the title you need to be one of the first four men to enter the ring. Sounds easy, except that the entire roster will also be trying to be those men. When a chance for championship gold comes into play, alliances will be broken, friendships will be put on hold as it is truly every man for himself.

Once the final four enter the ring, the match will become a Fatal Fourway Elinimation Match. The last man standing will be MEFW Champion, and the runner up will be MEFW Television Champion.

One night, one spatacular Main Event, two champions and one hell of an undercard. View the entire card here.


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