This is the list of rules in Main Event Fantasy Wrestling.

  • The most important rule in Main Event Fantasy Wrestling is to have fun. The whole purpose of this e-fed is to be in a community of people who are having fun. This is not real life, so don't take this as serious as life and death.
  • If cards or results are ever late, chances are there is a very good reason for the lateness. So instead of complaining about it, just be patient about it.
  • Be respectful to everybody around you. People who are here just to get under the skin of others will not be tolerated by the staff. Even if you aren't an adult, act like one because if you don't you end up looking like the fool, not any one else.
  • Staff decisions are final. The MEFW staff is fair, but they also wont roll over to your every demand, just because you feel like you deserve special treatment. No one person is better than anyone else here.
  • Main Event Fantasy Wrestling is an equal opportunity environment. It is possible that a female can be the MEFW Champion. Just because the character is female, she should not be regulated oly to the Women's Division. There is a Women's Title strictly for the Women, but they do have the opportunity to compete for the other titles if they desire.
  • Title shots are not given by demand. They need to be earned. You can beg a champion all you want, but if the staff feels you are not ready for the shot at a title, you will not be given it. Please do not go around challenging champions in every interview, it gets very annoying.
  • Instead of shooting for random matches against whoever you think is a good opponent, the MEFW staff encourages you to develop feuds and storylines with one or two other wrestlers. This gives it more of a wrestling show kind of feel, and it also keeps things fresh. Nobody likes chaos, and random matches every week is a recipe for chaos.
  • You are allowed any wrestler you want, real life living and deceased wrestlers and created characters. There are a few exceptions. Obviously if the character is taken you cannot roleplay as them. Also, you are only allowed two big name superstars at one time. You know who these people are. They are the John Cenas and Hulk Hogans of the world. This rule exists to prevent all of the big name characters from being locked up by one person.
  • This fed is a roleplay based e-fed. The roleplays will take place on the message board, but most of the information for MEFW is on this website. At the end of this page you will find some beginners tips to roleplaying and a few examples of roleplays.
  • Roleplays are based on their quality, not their length
  • Right now there is one show a week, one ppv event a month and 4 titles available. As the roster expands a new weekly tv show will be added, and also a roster split will come into play. Also titles will be added once the roster grows.
  • Finally, as the first rule says, HAVE FUN!


Beginners Guide to Roleplaying

First of all, roleplaying means that you get to pretend to be the wrestler you have chosen. Say for example you choose John Cena as your wrestler. Your first objective before even being accepted into MEFW is to write a sample roleplay. Well imagine the roleplay as this. Say your character, in this case John Cena, is brought into the MEFW studios for a tryout. They stick him in the backstage area, in front of a set. The camera turns on, and it is John Cena's time to talk. He needs to introduce himself and talk about his goals and objectives in the future. He needs to say why he should be hired, and his thoughts on the rest of the roster. However there is so much more to it than just this. When you are writing this roleplay, you need to write down everything thats happening around you. If you want to be good at roleplaying, you cant just write what John Cena is going to say. You need to set the scene, describe the setting, the time, the place and everything that is going on. This gives the reader a mental picture of what is happening. You also want to avoid cliches, such as I am going to win the title or I am the best ever. You can use these, but be creative about it.

Although roleplays are based on quality and not length, as a beginner you should work on pushing yourself to make them longer and longer each time. A good way to push yourself into getting longer roleplays is to read what others are doing. Adapt their style and change it to make it your own. Now I don't mean steal their work, what I mean is to see how they set up their roleplay, the ideas and situations they use, and then incorporate them into your style.

A good idea is to have a good presentation for your roleplay. A roleplay that is visually attractive makes for a much better read than one long block of text. There are a few ways to do this. The message board MEFW uses offers color text, bold and italic, different fonts and the ability to add images. You can utilize these to make a nice looking roleplay. Another alternative is to use layouts that either you yourself create, or that others have made. One good site for a roleplay layout is http://www.pibmacdesignz.vze.com/. If you do use a layout keep in mind you need to upload it to your own webspace and provide a link on the message board to that page.

Here are some examples of roleplays. One is by MEFW Hall of Famer Chris Kanyon did for another e-fed and the other is one I did using Christopher Daniels in a fed called WWC Revolution.

Kanyon Roleplay

Christopher Daniels Roleplay

The best way to be a good roleplayer is to constantly work at it. Make sure you use good grammar and spell check. Also don't be afraid to ask for feedback. Most people are willing to help. Lastly, be able to take a little constructive criticism, its the only way to improve.

All images and likenesses on this site are property of World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Non Stop Action. This site is strictly for fun and is in no way trying to make a profit off of the property of WWE or TNA.

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