The Return of NGW


Three of the most popular letters around Main Event Fantasy Wrestling are about to make a comeback. The ultra-popular Next Generation Wrestling name is about to take over MEFW. MEFW President/CEO announced in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that he has sold MEFW along with the rights to the NGW name, to NGW's former president, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The sale will be finalized over the weekend, and the target date for the NGW conversion is August 6th, following the Monday Night Madness telecast. Read the entire announcement here.


The Hunt is On


Summertime Heat was off to an amazing start. Alex Shelley and Shawn Michaels made successful MEFW Debuts, Abyss made John Cena bleed and Owen Hart retained his Television Title in Elevation X. However, the damper on the night came when somebody annihilated AJ Styles backstage, ruining the planned Main Event for the MEFW Title. Eric Bischoff vowed to find the person or persons responsible for this heinous attack. This was the 2nd attack on one of Raven's opponents this month. Is there a possible connection? Tune into Monday Night Madness this week to find out.



MEFW Site Updates

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MEFW Champions
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Superstar Spotlight

Each week a different Main Event Fantasy Wrestling Superstar will be profiled in this spot.

This week's superstar is Shawn Michaels

The Heartbreak Kid burst back onto the wrestling scene with an impressive victory at Summertime Heat over DA JACKYL and Trevor Sells. After the match Shawn Michaels vowed to use the same attitude that made him a star in the World Wrestling Federation. Will the return of the Heartbreak Kid's old attitude translate into MEFW gold? Read more about Shawn Michaels here.






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